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Information Security Policy

Aeromet Hellas Ltd considers the security of confidentiality, integrity and disposal of information, that manages, as a necessarily requirement for its proper operation.

For this reason, our company has recognized the risks that threatens the Security of Information, which are produced during our operational activities, and has all the necessary means to run an Information Security Management System.

Our commitment to Information Security in order to avoid critical situations that can cause breaches and problems, has being implemented as below:

  • Secure procedures for managing and maintaining applications and IT services.
  • Protection of all computer's resources and exchanging information throughout all the services provided from every threat, internal or external, random or deliberate.
  • Checking of all exchanging information and data.
  • Systematic valuation and evaluation of all the risks and threats regarding the security of information, aiming for the correct management of those.
  • Archiving of data, avoidance of viruses and external invasions, checking access of all systems, keeping records of all security issues and management of unexpected developments.
  • Constant briefing of management and employees for all subjects regarding information security.
  • Protection of company's interests and all its collaborators.
  • Instant and effective control of incidents regarding security breaches or issues.
  • Commitment to the full application of Security Policies and all National and Community legislation.

Aeromet fulfills danger and threat evaluations regarding the Information Security frequently and takes all necessary counter measures. An evaluation plan has been produced in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the Information Security procedures. Through this plan, effectiveness benchmarks are produced that describe the methodology's way of measurement, occasional reports are issued and studied by the company's Management. The reason is to optimize the whole system. The information security manager has the total control and overview of the policies and procedures that are related with Information Security and the undertaking of the required initiative to eliminate all those factors that could put at risk the availability, integrity and trust of the information of our company.

All of our employees and collaborators that have access to information and system information have the responsibility of following and apply the rules of our company's information security management.