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Website Privacy Policy & Information Security

Security of personal data is important for us. The here-below Website Privacy Policy and Information Security (hereafter "Policy") is about the conditions of collection, saving and use of your personal data. In addition, it includes the security of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information that Aeromet Hellas Ltd manages.

(Aeromet Hellas Ltd - Moschato Greece - Tel: 0030-2109415316 - email:

The company Aeromet Hellas Ltd is the sole and only manager of the website: and it is responsible for your personal data in accordance with the General Rule 679/2016 about security of personal data.

The term "personal data" as it is used in this Policy refers to information, for physical persons either private citizens or professionals, as name, surname, address, electronic address, telephone, credit cards data etc. which can be used to define the identity of a visitor of our website, hereafter personal data, or data.

The term "Process of personal data" refers to the collection, entry, organization, storage, adaptation, change, retrieval, search of information, usage, transmission to third party, spread, correlation, combination, restriction, deletion, and destruction of Personal Data of physical persons.

When you navigate to our website, we are given authority to receive and edit from our electronic form of contact, your username, your email address, and the free text that your message might include.

Our reason for editing your data, that we receive through our website, is the management of our communication in between us, through our online form, and the legal base for that is your consent.

Our website uses cookies (cookies are small files that are put in your system of your computer or other device when you are visiting a website, which are used for the operation of the website, as for its additional functionality) for its basic functions as: show of the website, personalized preferences saving (for example: language, colors, search results) and security of the visitor.

To these personal data has access only the necessary and respective personnel of our company, who is bound with confidentiality clauses. In addition, access might have the supporting company of our website (As Global Technology), which has the appropriate technical and organization tools to protect your data. Finally, receivers of your data might be third parties such as: official state and supervisory bodies (for example: persecutors, supervisor authorities etc.), in case we are obligated to comply with the law.

Your personal data are kept and saved from us for as much time as is regulated from the terms of our association. If there is no legal reason to keep them further, we delete them after six (6) months.

We do not proceed to automated decisions including the creation of each profile.

We do not send your data outside of the European Union (E.U.). Your personal data are subject for saving and editing, only withing the E.U.

In addition, we secure and protect your rights regarding the use of your personal data. More specifically you have the potential:

  • To get informed if we process or change your data and receive a copy of them.
  • To amend your data that you have submitted.
  • To limit the processing of your data (a) when you dispute the accuracy of your data until we verify (b) when you contradict the deletion of your data but you do not wish their erase (c) when your data are not necessary for the means of processing, but they are necessary for the foundation, exercise, support of legal claims, (d) when you oppose the processing, so until the verification that legal reasons exist and concerns us and overcome the reasons of which you oppose the process of processing.
  • To request the transfer of your data to a different Processing Manager.
  • To oppose any time the processing of your data when it is necessary for legal purposes and interests.
  • To delete your data (keep in mind that if their deletion it is impossible for the completion of regulatory obligations, we will advise you accordingly)
  • To recall your consent, that you have submitted to us, anytime, without calumniate the legitimacy of the processing that your consent was based before you recall it.

You can exercise your rights with an application in the below email address:

Our answer to your request will happen withing one (1) month after its reception. If we need overtime of two (2) months for the answer to your request, due to its complexity or due to high queue of requests, we will revert to you the soonest.

You have the right to appeal to the Data Protection Authority (DPA) for matters that has to do with the processing of your data. For the responsibilities of DPA and the way for filling a complaint you can visit its website ( - Individuals-Complaint) where you can find more informations.

We are also familiar with the dangers that threat the Security of the Information that are produced and distributed in the scope of its activities and has all the necessary resources to observe a Data Security Management System (DSMS).

The guarantee for the Information Security and the avoidance of incidents that can harm it, it is implemented as below:

  • Secure managerial processes and application and information service maintenance.
  • Security of the computers' resources and the transported information between our company's services, of any threat, internal or external, purposeful, or random.
  • Monitoring of the transporting information and data.
  • Systemic valuation and evaluation of the dangerous that has to do with the security of information, targeting the correct and valid management.
  • Data filing, avoidance of viruses and external invasions, monitoring access in our systems, records of all the incidents that has to do with security and management of random developments.
  • Constant updates from the management and the personnel in all subjects regarding the security of information.
  • Protection of our company's rights and everybody that works or cooperates with.
  • Immediate and effective management for security breaches incidents.
  • Commitment to the right usage of the Security Policy and of all the National and Community legislation.

We are running evaluations, that has to do with dangers and corelate with the Security of Information, regularly and we take all necessary measures for their treatment. We set the framework of our evaluations and the resulting of all processes that has to do with the Security of Information through which we set performance indicators, we describe the methodology of their measurement, we produce periodical reports that are reviewed from the Management so the system to be constant updated and improved.

The Security Information Manager has the responsibility to watch and monitor the policy and the processes that has to do with the Security of Information and the undertaking of the necessary initiative for the elimination of all those factors that can put to danger the availability, integrity and the trust of our information.

The group of our employees and collaborators has access to information and information systems and has the responsibility to follow the rules of our applied company Policy for Information Security.

This Private Policy and Security Policy, has been up to Aeromet Hellas Ltd 's website at 8/11/2018 and replaces any other previous edition.