When it comes to big cargoes, shipments with large volumes of goods and a flexible deadline, or when the client is looking for a cost-effective solution, sea freight is the best option. Sea freights can be dispatched to the largest ports of the world and are even more quick and cost-effective when the destination is a large transit station.

Aeromet dispatches full freight and groupage cargoes in any kind of containers, like 20 ft standard, 40 ft standard, High Cube, Open Top, Pallet Wide, Flat Rack, Platform and Reefer High Cube.

Our experienced personnel loads and secures the goods for safe transportation. When required, we can also organize the fumigation of the containers.

In case of dangerous cargoes, the above procedures are carried out in accordance with the IMO regulations (International Maritime Organization). All necessary measures are taken to avoid the pollution of the sea and ensure the smooth progress of the transportation.